IDDK, which provides space bio-experiment services, has raised USD1.6M in funding during the first close of its Pre-Series A round.

IDDK Co., Ltd., which owns its proprietary semiconductor sensor-based microscopic observation technology MID to provide space bio-experiment services (CEO: Soichiro Ueno, headquartered in Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as IDDK), has, by November 28, 2023, completed the first close of its Pre-Series A round with Space Frontier Fund (SPARX Innovation for Future Co., Ltd.) and Samurai Incubate Fund Ⅶ Investment Limited Partnership (Samurai Incubate Inc.). This fundraising during the first close of the Pre-Series A round, which included the issuance of KISS agreement, amounted to USD1.6M. With this fundraising, the cumulative equity financing amount has reached USD3.5M. The funds raised will be used to develop the next generation of MID and to strengthen the organizational structure.

Background of Fundraising

IDDK has successfully developed a revolutionary microscopic observation technology called MID (Micro Imaging Device), which is a fusion of optical and semiconductor technologies and operates on principles entirely different from traditional microscopes. IDDK is advancing the development of an automated space bio-experiment laboratory that uses this MID as its core technology.

Aiming to establish Japan’s first privately-led LEO space bio-experiment platform using artificial satellites, IDDK plans to conduct demonstration experiments in 2024 and start offering services from 2025. The MID technology, which allows ‘anytime,’ ‘anywhere,’ and ‘anyone’ to conduct microscopic observations, will be provided to a wide range of customers even in unique environments such as microgravity in space. IDDK is also considering a commercial space station platform after the retirement of the International Space Station (ISS), focusing on space bio-experiments and aiming for new customer acquisition and market expansion in space utilization.

Future Plans

IDDK aims to become a platform company for space bio-experiments, thereby promoting the privatization of space utilization. This will provide a venue for innovation in addressing humanity’s challenges that cannot be solved through research on Earth alone. With the funds raised, our company will utilize them to develop the next-generation MID and strengthen our organizational structure, thereby accelerating business expansion.

Message from Venture Capital

SPARX Innovation for Future Co., Ltd. Shinichiro Kengaku, President, CEO

“As we approach the end of the ISS’s operation in 2030, there is a growing movement to create opportunities for microgravity experiments in space, using commercial space stations and satellites. Amidst this movement, IDDK’s MID is expected to develop new customers and sectors that previously found it challenging to utilize bio-experiments in the microgravity environment. In the latter half of the 2020s, we believe that IDDK will pioneer the frontier of new space industry by creating new opportunities in space.”

Samurai Incubate Inc. Kentaro Sakakibara

“’We provide a platform for innovation in addressing humanity’s challenges that cannot be solved by research on Earth alone’. It represents an exciting and challenging mission of IDDK. With a unique technological approach, along with the simplicity of the business model, and the team led by Mr. Ueno and Mr. Yoshioka at IDDK, I am confident that we can overcome the business challenges that will arise in the future and achieve this significant and challenging mission. This will be our company’s first investment in a space-related service, and we are eager to take on this great challenge together.”

Message from IDDK Management

Soichiro Ueno, CEO

“Under the fundamental philosophy of ‘providing microscopy technology that anyone can use anytime, anywhere, contributing to a better future for people all over the world,’ our company has been committed to the popularization of the Micro Imaging Device (MID) technology, a one-chip microscopy device. A significant application of this technology is in the space bio-experiment business. The mission of our space bio-experiment business is to provide a platform for innovation in addressing humanity’s challenges that cannot be solved by research on Earth alone, through democratizing space bio-experiments. This fundraising is aimed at strengthening our organizational structure for the development of our business and advancing MID technology.

Our proprietary MID technology, which is essential for conducting bio-experiments involving microscopic observation inside artificial satellites where space and weight are severely limited, allows for lightweight and compact microscopic observation, proving to be extremely useful. By pioneering the development of this technology, we can maintain a technological advantage and increase the number of experiments that can be conducted in space. In our space bio-experiment business, we aim to realize many experiments at a low cost using artificial satellites, without relying on specialized facilities like the International Space Station. These space bio-experiments with artificial satellites are expected to contribute to the development of the space industry as new satellite content following communication and remote sensing, and to contribute to terrestrial development through discoveries and technological developments in the new field of space. They are also intended to become part of the infrastructure supporting experiments and research for humanity’s prosperous life in space.

We intend to work with domestic and international partners to build and develop a privately-led, Japan-originated space bio-experiment platform.”

Kohei Yoshioka, Co-CEO and CFO

“We are extremely honored to have the support of strong investors this time. Despite the challenging fundraising environment, we were able to execute the first close of our Pre-Series A round, thanks to our resilient team members. Speaking at panel sessions at international space-related conferences, I have felt a definite increase in the demand for space bio-experiments. As a platform company for space bio-experiments, our company aims to provide a venue for innovation in addressing humanity’s challenges that cannot be solved by research on Earth alone. With this round of fundraising, we will develop the next-generation MID and strengthen our organizational structure in order to accelerate our business expansion.”

About IDDK

Company Name: IDDK Co., Ltd.
Head Office Location: 1-12-8 Tomioka, Koto, Tokyo, Asahi Building 309
CEO: Soichiro Ueno
Business Activities: Research, development, manufacturing, and sales of microscopic observation devices; development, manufacturing, and sales of related microscopic observation technologies
Established: June 2017

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