SPACE / 宇宙

In the space field, we contribute to space utilization by developing bio-experiment platforms on satellites.
The space field is an area where size and weight directly affect cost, and we believe that this is an ideal area to take advantage of MID’s small size and light weight.
We believe that in the future, MIDs will be used in space in the same way that microscopic observation is used as infrastructure for various aspects of life as it is on the ground. We will also contribute to planetary and scientific exploration.



In the biotechnology field, MID contributes to the realization of cloud laboratories and laboratory automation as a platform that allows a single researcher to operate a large number of experiments.
In the biotechnology field, many experiments involve microscopic observation processes, and we believe that the cost of observation is high for a large number of experiments, so we believe that the MID can be used as an observation infrastructure in the biotechnology field, from research to manufacturing, because of its space saving and scalability in the number of observations.



In the food hygiene field, we provide food hygiene management systems for small and medium-sized food processing and eating establishments to contribute to the improvement of daily hygiene management on site. In particular, we aim to provide a system that can be easily handled not only by sanitation managers and specialists, but also by those who work onsite every day.
Compared to conventional microscopes, we believe that MID technology minimizes the need for specialized operations. We believe that this is the best technology for a system that can be used by anyone.